Entrepreneurs Seeking to Raise $500,000 - $50,000,000
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How Much Capital Are You Seeking?

Private capital/equity deals are best suited for business & revenue models with high growth or profit potential - an identifiable Return on Investment (ROI)!

How Will the Capital Impact Your Income Generation?

What capital are you seeking? Startup/development which requires "patient" capital, or go-to-market/expansion leading to "proof of concept" or sales!

Are You Ready to Work!

The iBOSSinc system provides the back-end lead management operations while Management services likely investors on the front-end!
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iBOSSinc demystifies raising capital through public or private options whether from a few high-networth individuals or the general public. Learn to Raise Capital Like a Pro! Our ecosystem consists of Wall Street veterans, securities attorneys, cpas, marketing experts  and more. All with a singular goal - to make raising early stage capital efficient and affordable

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How Much Capital Do You Need for the Next 12 - 18 Months?

Capital is raised in tranches (stages) determined broadly by the stage of development, operations & financial metrics. Each stage attracts interest from varied investors for different reasons: friends & family, crowd investors, angel investors, etc.

Let iBOSSinc help to develop your long-term Capital Campaign Plan of Action. Create your seed to development stage capital plan today!

What's Your Go-To-Market Strategy?

Investors (new & seasoned) invest in projects they understand. From concept thru development; or minimum viable product to traction; you must have a cogent go-to-market strategy. How will you make it real & hit your projected numbers to stay viable & primed to raise the next round of capital?

The iBOSSinc ecosystem provides our Capital Navigators with pre-vetted professionals & preferred service providers as needed. 

How Much Capital Will You Return & When?

While the parameters to raise investment capital is different than a traditional loan, you still have to convey HOW you plan to return "principal plus interest". Investment dollars are a bit more "patient" than loans, however the most important element is generating a ROI - return!

iBOSSinc Back Office & Advisory Services helps you build a KPI & milestone driven success process. 

human & financial Capital resources

Diversity of Capital Resources

From Seed to Development Stage -
There's More Than One Doorway to Capital!

Know Your Options - Raising your first round of private / equity capital is the toughest, but in many ways the most important to raise. From friends & family, to angel investors & beyond - consider iBOSSinc to better understand how to engage with the right capital resources and develop a dynamic fan-based funnel of likely investors, while raising capital efficiently, effectively & compliantly.

Budget & Crowd Calculator 30-Minute Exploratory Meeting
The JOBS Act Created the Vehicles, then 
iBOSSinc Built the Roadmap for Self-Issuers - 
to Effectively Raise Capita

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Angel Networks

We believe that a comprehensive capital campaign need to incorporate all available paths to likely investors. To this end, the iBOSSinc Back Office includes managing select Angel Investor Network profiles. 

Equity vs Debt Financing

The iBOSSinc Capital Campaign Plan-of-Action, helps assess the right capital for your stage of operations, how much capital you seek, and the vehicle you choose to raise capital. 

Private Placements

Private placements can be designed for either accredited or non-accredited investors as well as private or public offerings. Know your options through iBOSSinc Training.

Crowd Funding

Crowd funding is the latest strategy embraced by many to raise early staged capital. From reward, to peer lending thru equity-based - iBOSSinc demystifies how to executive a successful capital campaign.

Direct Public Offerings

DPO's are alternative capital vehicles where entrepreneurs can be most creative in how they raise capital by selling interest (securities) in their company. Know your options through iBOSSinc Training.

Direct Mail - Touch #1

Direct mail is still wildly effective, with 34% more people acting immediately on direct mail vs email. Target prospects through geography, interests, income, net worth, etc. No other media can select the audience in such a comprehensive way.

Face/Virtual Meeting - Touch #4

From singular thru 200 participant webinars, use technology for time management & cost-efficiency. Host presentations, Q&A's, demonstrations & meet the team sessions. Closest thing to face meetings, especially during the tire-kicking phase. 

Email - Touch #2

Email marketing is most effective as part of a comprehensive campaign to include direct mail and phone work. Provide information to engage the audience with perceived value about the company, product or process. 

Press Release/Article - Touch #5

Press releases, articles and blogs can be distributed quickly, provide SEO value to other websites, are easier to find, read and pass on to others (more viral), & are cost effective with a large reach through online syndication.

Call Center - Touch #3

Direct marketing that includes a calling campaign speeds-up the outreach to your intended audience. Following direct & e-mail campaigns, call centers are no longer making "cold calls" - rather follow-up calls - invitation / information / innovation. 

Social Media - Touch #6

Raising capital takes time & diligence.  LinkedIn is a solid place to begin while developing new possibilities. Sourcing, identifying and connecting with potential investors on other platforms like AngelCo, Gust, Venture 360, etc. 

Capital Campaign Development

Customize your capital campaign as you would a marketing or sales project for your product or service. What's the right capital, who are the source(s), and how do I get to them. Know Your Options - iBOSSinc!

Lead Management System 

Raising capital has many time draining administrative processes that can be off loaded. Database CRM functions, call center, fulfillment services and much more - see iBOSSinc for Capital Campaign Back Office Services.

Process Management  Oversight

Back office operations and oversight conducted from where you are - through any web browser. Customized-for-you iBOSSinc Capital Campaign Prospecting & Compliance Systems. 

Investor Relations

Your biggest fans and influencers will be early stage investors that you treat right. Let us help you build your investor reportings based on iBOSSinc Customized Milestones & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Training & Advisory Services

(1) Capital Conference navigates through widely used non-traditional capital raising vehicles. (2) Capital Access Blvd (CAB) 3-day collateral & presentation skills development forum. (3) The iBOSSinc 12-Week Getting Investor Ready program. 

Collateral Prep Services
Engagement and Offering Collateral Material Development -  Business plan, executive summary & pitch deck; revenue models & projections; video pitch with business profile; & regulatory documents - Reg D, A & CF templates to draft for attorney review.
Database development to  management thru Relaunch

"Done for You" Database Development

  • Lead Management System - Setup & Servicing / Custom Built Landing Pages
  • Database Development w/ Angel Network Profiles & Postings
  • Multi-Media - Produced for Marketing w/ Articles & Blogs - Written & Posted
  • Social Media - Managed Engagements w/Press Releases - Written & Distributed
  • Virtual Direct Mail & Call Center - from Development thru Appointment Setting
  • Investor Relations - On-going Reporting - and Relaunch
Capital Campaign Prospecting Brochure

"Done for You" Prospecting Webinar

Raising capital is not an event, it's a process. iBOSSinc "Done for You" Prospecting Services - is the part of our back-office system that's designed to absorb 75% of the time drain associated with raising capital. We manage all the back-end processes so you can focus on the front-end - direct engagements. Qualification and automation streamlines the time you spend in front of candidates while increasing your success rates for being in front of the most likely fans interested in investing.

Customized CRM with Workflow Automation

The back-office triggers and automation increases your touch-points to remind fans of how awesome you are while appointment setting is the campaign focus.

Fan, Investor & Shareholder Management

Lead management system customized to move suspects to prospects then leads, educated to become fans on their way to invest & become shareholders.

Oversight Conducted thru Your Web Browser

System dashboards update you at a glance as to how many calls were made, or emails opened, or post cards generated interest - with full details a click away.

5 Steps Plus 1 to Get your Capital Campaign Funded -
From Seed thru Development Stage!

Best practices to raise all the capital you need in 12 - 18 month tranches.

#1 - Compelling Props

Convey your story in the most compelling way. Where you capture the attention of your intended with investor-grade documents & professionally shot video encased in a platform designed for results.

#2 - Attract Interest

Whether conducting a private offering of a few "accredited" investors or a public offering "crowdfunded" for the masses, having a strategic process to reach & develop fans is paramount for success.

#3 - Engage Fans

Gaining interest is only step one! Now that the door is open, it's time to elevate from "interested" to "fan" through education on your people, process and profitability - encouraging reasons to convert.

#4 - Fans to Shareholders

When you are authentic, convey value and show conviction, your likelihood of raising outside capital increases. Characteristics that aide you in creating a dynamic process designed to engage with prospective investors interested in what  you say & do!

#5 - On-going Relations

Since full capitalization is accomplished through raising capital in tranches (stages), it stands to reason that early adopters & investors are your best sources for follow-on investments. Good investor relations, from the beginning goes a long way.

+1 - Relaunch

Time for your next capital raise? Great! Your database is now primed with qualified candidates & with the addition of new contacts - you're ready. Implement lessons learned then relaunch your next
Capital Campaign Plan of Action.

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Capital Conference

1-Day Capital Options Expo. Hear professionals and funders as they discuss options for private / equity-driven capital. Learn what capital is right for you.

Capital Access Blvd "CAB"

3-Day Training Event. Deliverables include professional video pitches, slide decks, executive summaries & capital campaign marketing plans.

Get Investor Ready

12-Week Capital Campaign Training. Hands on workings of self-directed raises for $500k - $50mil through crowd funding, private or public offerings.

Join Us in the Studio
Monthly recordings of PitchMe, Capital Academy and Recap. Stay for  Dissecting a Deal our Mastermind Meetup group where we dissect select crowdfunding projects.

From Training Conferences, to Boot Camps, thru Live-on-the-Set

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Best practices dictate you need be armed with investor-grade engagement collaterals to include a business plan. When raising capital, you elevate your likelihood for success with each additional box you check off.


Yes. Equity-investments are based on different criteria than nonequity-loans. This patient capital is more focused on potential over past. However, all capital resources require some level of know-thy-customer.


The JOBS Act has created options for raising capital, the process puts the entrepreneur in full control. Depending upon how much you need to raise & how active you are in the sales process, an average 6 - 9 months is realistic.


Crowd funding is just another process used to source, connect, engage & convert interested fans to invest & become shareholders. Directed to either private high-networth individuals or pools of public qualified crowds.


Title II/Reg D - no limit on how much capital you can raise; Title III/Reg CF limits raises to $1mil; and Title IV/Reg A+ takes you to $50mil. There are various provisions & terms - with iBOSSinc Know Your Options!